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Dear customers, the photos you see on our website are only a small part of our work. Since the website is not updated on a daily basis, unlike our Instagram (@terradecorart) and Facebook (@terradecorart), to stay up to date with our new designs and creations, we suggest you follow use there - we post daily! Everything you see there can be re-made in any size. For now we suggest that you visit our gallery and our 3D models page, we are sure you will find something for you or get an idea for your next creation.

     Is there a place on Earth where you end up shopping more often? We think we know the answer and the answer is short and simple – “no, because you have everything in one place in stores in a mall”.

    It is for this very reason that we decided not to opt for decorating only the stores within shopping malls, but we decided to also design a few mall interiors as well. In most cases, we dealt with columns or ceilings, but in addition to that, entire walls, planters etc. can be done too.

    Decorating stores, shopping malls and other shopping centers has always entailed creating something new and extraordinary. A large number of design experts and architects are often called in and hired, but in the end, everything boils down to the same things. If you are a member of that team, ask us for a design estimate, and we will certainly more than fulfill all your expectations and finally produce something new that is not seen every day. 

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    About us

    We are Terradecor, a company from Serbia that has been dealing for 14 years solely in decorative materials made to look like stone. Until recently, what could be classified as our primary activity was only the production of decorative panels and 3D backgrounds for aquariums in the name of the now internationally famous brand Aquadecor, well-known both in our homeland and around the world.