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Dear customers, the photos you see on our website are only a small part of our work. Since the website is not updated on a daily basis, unlike our Instagram (@terradecorart) and Facebook (@terradecorart), to stay up to date with our new designs and creations, we suggest you follow use there - we post daily! Everything you see there can be re-made in any size. For now we suggest that you visit our gallery and our 3D models page, we are sure you will find something for you or get an idea for your next creation.

    The rooms in which we spend the most time are places which are always exposed to our gaze, the gaze of our guests, and that of other household members, so it is these very rooms that we pay the most attention to when we decorate them.

    It has been scientifically proven that our surroundings, i.e. the interiors we spend the most time in, in fact affect the mood of the household members the most. Because of that, we came up with a way to do something spectacular for you which will make you happy whenever you come back from work, spend some leisure time there in the evenings or simply enjoy the company of your friends. Take a look at a few examples of how it might look in practice.

    Living room decorations that involve making 3D walls of artificial stone or wood, three-dimensional images of your choosing and anything else from the wide range we carry are unique and handcrafted pieces put together by our team of artists.
    These decorations have the added advantage of being able to be mounted absolutely anywhere in your living room. Regardless of whether we are talking about a wall, column, ceiling or parts of furniture, it is up to you to visualize what you want, and our responsibility is to put your idea into practice.

    To make decorations for living rooms, we use strictly light and simultaneously insulating materials based on a special type of plastic, i.e. insulating materials veneered with a thin layer of plastic especially made for this purpose in order to fully imitate the natural look of stone. Our work owes its verisimilitude to this, and people who look at it cannot spot the difference between real stone and the pieces we make.

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    About us

    We are Terradecor, a company from Serbia that has been dealing for 14 years solely in decorative materials made to look like stone. Until recently, what could be classified as our primary activity was only the production of decorative panels and 3D backgrounds for aquariums in the name of the now internationally famous brand Aquadecor, well-known both in our homeland and around the world.