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Dear customers, the photos you see on our website are only a small part of our work. Since the website is not updated on a daily basis, unlike our Instagram (@terradecorart) and Facebook (@terradecorart), to stay up to date with our new designs and creations, we suggest you follow use there - we post daily! Everything you see there can be re-made in any size. For now we suggest that you visit our gallery and our 3D models page, we are sure you will find something for you or get an idea for your next creation.

    Restaurant owners are often at a loss as to how to decorate the interior of their catering establishment. They often opt for hiring architects and leave things that have to do with design to them; they in turn mainly utilize methods that involve drop ceilings, various techniques of wall-making, and wide arrays of wallpaper designs, but in the end, it always turns out that everything is more or less the same. We welcome your ideas, and besides, we offer you the widest choice of different three-dimensional wall cladding designs, as well as unique artistic three-dimensional images that we produce manually, in all dimensions. It does not have to be our choice and you do not have to choose from models you can see on our website. It will suffice that you send us the picture you want and the dimensions of the wall on which you would like your 3D image to be installed and we will make it for you.

    Take a look at just a few examples of how it all may look like.

    If you own a restaurant or some other catering establishment, we do not need to ask you how many times you have scoured the internet and various magazines for solutions, stood in certain parts of your establishment, wondering “what could I do here, and what will I do with that other area then?” We would not wish to be immodest and sound like some cheap commercial featuring that famous sentence “your troubles are over”, but we think that we can now finally help you in that because we can offer you a truly vast array of three-dimensional images for your wall or 3D wall cladding designs. You can choose from our range of products, but you can also send us a picture of what you want, and we will give you an estimate at our earliest convenience.

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    About us

    We are Terradecor, a company from Serbia that has been dealing for 14 years solely in decorative materials made to look like stone. Until recently, what could be classified as our primary activity was only the production of decorative panels and 3D backgrounds for aquariums in the name of the now internationally famous brand Aquadecor, well-known both in our homeland and around the world.